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Writing for Senior Citizens

Sorry I’ve been away for so long.

I’d like to share something with you. I’ve been asked to speak to a group of senior citizens about my writing, and I’m comprehensive about speaking to anyone, but I’m determined to do it. I’m trying to be more like Bob the Builder than the Little Engine that Could: I CAN do it! rather than I THINK I can. I’m a firm believer that words have power.

The other night I was having trouble going to sleep and I had a story idea. I’m anxious to know what you think of this: Granny Maud is out in her flower garden when it starts to rain, so she goes in, eats a bowl of veggie soup, then sits down to rock. As her rocking chair squeaks and the rain patters against the windows, she starts remembering her life—her husband, her children, the good times, and the bad times.

I made it into a picture book with illustrations. I don’t consider myself an illustrator but seems like I’m it, at least for now.

I want it to be specifically for senior citizens. Now I’m a senior, and I love the book, Love You Forever. I don’t consider it a children’s book because I don’t think most kids can relate to it. But adults love it.

Do you think seniors will like having a picture book? Something short they can read and look at that will relate to them?

Here are some pages. Tell me what you think.

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