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   You don’t get to choose your family. You are born, and there you are, in the middle of the parents who had you and the siblings born around you. The good, the bad and the ugly.  You’re stuck. And for a sixteen-year-old girl in 1965, that stinks.          

  Not only does she endure the embarrassing pranks of her brothers, but Pepper must also compete with them for the love and attention she craves from her too-strict dad. She feels like a second-rate citizen at home and at school because she’s ‘just a girl’. Enters Stoney, a cute hippy who offers her a ride to a place where she is promised unconditional love and acceptance. Pepper’s search for answers takes her on an unexpected journey she may live to regret. She finds acceptance, but is it what she really wants and needs? Is that love unconditional?

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