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Reluctant Queen title with castle and girl

Reluctant Queen

She rebels against being crowned Queen.

She never attempted to start an uprising.

She refuses to submit to the plans wicked Katz has for her future.

Dionna is faced with decisions forced on her by the actions of others. She didn’t choose to be born and raised in a mountainous region deprived of the conveniences of the modern world. She never asked to be a contestant in the bizarre quest for a queen. Now she is alone in the wilderness, forced to eat berries and fish in the stream for food. She has never had to fend for herself and finds the experience difficult and lonely.

Should she return and face the wicked Katz and submit to his plans for her? Absolutely not! She would rather spend the rest of her life alone in the wilderness. Will her future consist of a lonely existence hiding in the mountains? Could a backward girl like her expect to find someone to accept and love her for herself?

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