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Reluctant Queen title with castle and girl

Reluctant Queen

She never wanted to be Queen.

She never attempted to start an uprising.

She never asked to be raised in a society with no knowledge of present-day conveniences.

Dionna is faced with decisions forced on her by the actions of others. She suspects the wicked Katz has an ulterior motive for demanding she marries him and be queen, but what can it be?

Alone in the wilderness, eating berries and fishing in the stream to survive, she discovers an abandoned cabin and moves in. An old prophet brings her food and sage advice, and a wise elderly mountain woman befriends her.

Things change when the hunter who previously inhabited the cabin shows up. This handsome man shows her a world she didn’t know existed, and she is faced with a decision to join that world or remain in the backward mountain valley. What will she do? How will her decision affect her beloved village home?

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