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Contest writing

I've been doing some writing to enter contests, and I'm finding it challenging because the entries are so specific. For instance, one short story entry must be a horror story (no slashers) which takes place at midnight in a graveyard. Another one is a scary short story which must include an abandoned lake house, a mysterious light, and inclement weather. Then there's a humorous fantasy short story where an otherworldly being inhabits the body of a middle school teacher for a week. As a retired junior high teacher, I should be able to pull that one off, right?

At first I didn't want to be so limited in what I write, but I'm finding the challenge good for me. I love to write, and these writing prompts are making me search deep within to pull out topics new to me. Makes me think hard and use my brain in new ways. I know that's good for me. Do you agree? Do you like to try new things, such as new foods, new experiences, and new places? I sure do.

Wish me luck as I enter these contests. Wouldn't it be fantastic to be an Award Winning Author? I think so.

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