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What I learned from grass

Updated: Jan 13, 2022

Don't you just love Bermuda grass? It is a popular grass for lawns and hay. But I detest Bermuda grass in my garden and flowers. It grows well in a variety of soil and is heat and drought resistant. It's almost impossible to kill.

This grass never quits. It grows on top of the ground, under the ground, and through the ground. I fight that stuff every year when I plant my garden, digging it up--every root--and throwing them completely away from the plowed area. If you leave one measly root section, it will grow back and multiply.

Have you ever dug down to look at the roots of this persistent plant? It forms a network under the soil, periodically shooting up new growth which forms more roots, etc, etc. Left alone, it will quickly spread until it takes over. When it's in my garden, that is not a desirable quality, but in its proper place such as a lawn, these are good traits.

I learned a lot from this plant. A half-inch piece of Bermuda grass will grow when left in the soil. Am I that resilient? Do I grow under, though, and over the land I possess? Do I spread my abilities, skills, and resources to make a pleasant place for others?

The network of roots beneath the ground is strong. Do I network with others to form a strong bond that will withstand those who try to uproot me and others from our ground? Am I growing, putting out roots to embrace positive change while learning new things and developing new and creative skills?

It is heat resistant. Can I resist the heat when conflict or crisis interrupts my life? Am I strong enough to withstand opposition to my beliefs and freedoms?

Seems like I need to become a little more like Bermuda grass. How about you?

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