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Reading my books to students

Reading Kind Korie

I love reading my children's books to students! This week I visited two kindergarten and a first grade class to read and was blown away by the interest level and questions of these kids. How did you start writing? Where do you get ideas for a book? How do you make your books look smooth? How do you get them put together? Where do you get the pictures?

They were interested in the writing, illustrating and publishing of these books, and it was such a pleasure to talk to them about the process.

The students were so attentive and fun with lots of hugs before I left. One little one said, "Now I'm inspired to write a book." That alone was worth my time.

These teachers encourage writing by stapling paper together so students can make a book. They write and illustrate their stories and share them with the class. I'm so glad to see reading promoted by these teachers.

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