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New book: Who am I?

Updated: Jan 14, 2022

I wrote this book over a period of years and taught some of it at the church I attend.

In today's world we as Christians face so much negativity and even persecution for our beliefs. Hollywood often portrays Christians as silly or worse and as people lacking moral character. Not long ago, I read that Christians are the problem with our society.

A person who doesn't believe in God posted on Facebook that he wished there would be a rapture and all the Christians would leave so those remaining could get the world straightened up.

Wow! Does he have it wrong!

My concern is that followers of Christ do not realize how much God loves them.

I hope this book will encourage the readers. You need to know that God delights in you. He sings over you. You make Him smile. He gave His Son so He could spend eternity with those who will believe and accept Him. His children are the apple of His eye.

What a better time to know God and to be known by Him.


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