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Have you complimented someone today?

Updated: Jan 14, 2022

Have you paid a compliment today? We can do so much good for others when we recognize their importance, even if we don't know them. For instance, when make eye contact and smile at those we meet, it often lifts their spirits. When we wave to others as we drive down the road, we show friendliness and can bring a bit of sunshine to other drivers or pedestrians. Of course, every area of the country is different, and some do not welcome such personal friendliness, but in the south where I live this kind of behavior is quite common.

Paying a compliment to a person you meet is a great way to give someone a special lift. Everyone has something that can be complimented. "I like your shirt/skirt/pants/dress...whatever...makes a woman feel pretty when otherwise she may not feel pretty at all. We can compliment appearances, behavior, and effort. Your hair/eyes/smile is gorgeous is another good one for females. Guys? That's a good-looking truck/car/motorcycle etc. often works. You did a really good job on ... is always appreciated. I find it interesting when strangers ask my husband about the sports team he displays on his hat or shirt, then they hold a discussion with someone they don't even know.

The point is, we can easily notice good in another person when we look. I like to make others feel special. And don't forget the children. They have so much that can be noticed. A smile, dimples, a shirt with a picture of their favorite character, good behavior, a special deed by them, or an accomplishment. It doesn't have to be great, just an effort. A mom or dad with children in a department store who struggle with little ones love to hear, "Your children are so well behaved" or "What beautiful children you have".

In our busy world when we are focused on phones or our own activities, we need to notice one another and support one another. It sure feels good when it comes our way, right? All it takes is a little thought to give someone the gift of a nice compliment. It could make a huge difference in how they perceive themselves. It could affect how they feel and how they treat others.

Good day to ya, mate. Hope your day is blessed.

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