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Are you Absorbing Life?

Are you absorbing life, or letting life absorb you?

Some people I know are passively allowing life to pass them by, spending much of their time being entertained—absorbed by social media, games, television, some other form of technology—or sleeping much of the day. Some are just doing nothing. I know I have been spending much too much time on Facebook and distracted by the TV, and I am feeling pangs of guilt. So I am having to re-evaluate the way I spend my time.

It came to me today that I can absorb life, or allow life to absorb me.  With all the rain we’ve been having lately, the ground absorbs the water until it’s soaked, then the water starts to run off the ground and into ditches, creeks, and rivers.  Sometimes during heavy rain, the rain comes so quickly that the ground doesn’t have time to absorb much of it before it runs off.

Like the ground, sometimes life happens to us so quickly—things over which we have no control—that we don’t have time to absorb it and it rushes right by us. There have been times when life absorbed me because of conflicts, stress, and problems that overwhelmed me. During those times, I found aid and comfort when others who were absorbing life gave life to me by offering encouragement and by praying for me.  At other times when I was not paying attention, when I was absorbed in many insignificant things, life ran right by me.

Watching episode after episode of some TV show does nothing for me. Spending that time in God’s word fills me with life-giving water, and I can give life-giving water to others.  The scriptures say that because I am a believer in Jesus, out of my belly flows rivers of living waters. (John 7:38)  When I let life absorb me, when I am letting it run off me instead of absorbing it, I am of no benefit to myself or anyone else.

I don’t want life to absorb me.  I want to absorb life.  I want to learn everything I can while I can.  I want to do things that matter—things that will benefit others.  When I do volunteer work, such as serving at a food bank or helping someone get an education, I know I am absorbing life. When I take time to listen to someone, to encourage someone, or to help someone in need, I am being filled with life. I have the choice to be proactive and soak in the life that is around me.  I can actively participate in making memories with my family.  I can learn about nature by getting outside to enjoy the things God created for me.  I can work to better myself financially, physically, and mentally. Or, I can be an ignorant, stale lazy butt who does nothing to contribute to society.

Me?  I want to be a sponge who absorbs life so that I can squeeze myself out to water the world around me. I want to be a life-giver, not a life-taker. 

Absorb life. Don’t let life absorb you.

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