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Are you a supporter?

Updated: Jan 13, 2022

Everyone needs support. We need to feel we are needed. We need to believe someone cares about us. We need to have confidence that someone believes in us. It’s important that we know there is someone to stand by us in good times and in bad times.

So how do we support others? How do we show people in our lives they can count on us?

Here are some ways to be an effective supporter.

  • Be an encourager. When family and friends become tired and discouraged, remind them of the importance of their vision and the faithfulness of God.

  • Be a willing helper. When you are willing to help, it creates a climate of freedom that is essential for making dreams into realities.

  • When you are asked to help, keep a willing attitude. Make them feel like they are helping you as much as you are helping them.

  • Keep a strong, healthy relationship with God so you can offer Godly advice when it is needed.

  • Be cooperative.

  • Be ready to make sacrifices as a supporter.

  • Be dependable. When you accept a task or responsibility, see it through with your best.

  • Most importantly, just show up and be there. Be that person who offers a shoulder, a helping hand, and a positive word.

Remember, you are important to those in your life.

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