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Writing Issues

Updated: Jan 14, 2022

The novel I'm working on is set primarily on a river, which causes me some concern because I've never lived on a river. The main characters are males in their mid-twenties, and although I'm female, I was raised in the middle of seven brothers--three older, three younger, and one a twin, so I feel fairly comfortable with writing male characters. I hope I can do justice to these features of my WIP.

I did live on an island for two years (which I know isn't long) when I was in first grade. That may not count for much, but I am including an island in my setting. I think it will contribute to my plot when my characters are in a battle with corruption on the river. It will give them ground on which to run, hide, fight, whatever they need to do.

Here is an excerpt from the first chapter. What do you think?

David jumped out of the king-sized bed and looked out the window. He would stay in the Crandall home until he was able to find his own place. From here he could see the river where Oliver made his millions, the same river that had been a playground for him and his best friend, Kade Crandall, Oliver’s son. Even though the two boys were quite opposite—blonde David, a serious musician with big dreams, and dark headed Kade who loved nothing better than playing a joke on any unsuspecting victim—they shared a love for their families, for the Island, and for the river.
The two boys knew every good fishing hole, every backwater pool, and every snag for miles on either side of the wide expanse of water. They had explored every dip and rise of the sandy island on which David’s family lived and Kade spent much of his time. They also knew the favorite runs of bootleggers and drug suppliers who got rich on poor citizens who eked out a living fishing from the banks, from rickety wooden piers, and from john boats. For these people life was hard, and there was no end to the profiteers who cared for nothing but making another buck off them.

I really would appreciate your comments, thoughts, suggestions, or maybe your experiences with these types of writing issues.

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