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When Characters Become Directors

As I near the end of my novel, I have to go back to change some things to make the end events come out right. I changed the occupation of one character to lawyer so she could take care of some legal matters in the resolution. It's funny, but several times my characters seemed to override actions I had planned for them, causing my plot to change. Hmmmm!

I’m amazed when that happens. The other day, two of my characters—one of my favorites—died. I struggled with whether the protagonist should die. Once I thought I should kill him off, then thought I wouldn’t. I thought about putting him in an insane asylum. I thought about having him see his wrongs and change into a good man. It can happen!

I was just typing away, and all at once something happened, and he died! Then another character ended up dying with him. Wow! I didn’t know that was going to happen. I didn’t plan it. Now I have to go in and deal with all that emotion.

Once, one of my characters got lost and I had no idea where he was. It took a few days, but I did finally find him.

I have decided how to end my story. I just wonder if my characters will allow me to end it my way. They may change some things, but maybe not too many. In one of my previous works, the end was almost totally different than I had planned.

Do you think I should override the characters and insist it be my way? I wonder.

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