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Thank God for Lists

Updated: Feb 7, 2019

Do you ever have a problem repeating words while you’re writing? I sure do. I’m aware that when I finish writing this novel (Where the River Goes) I’ll have a ton of work editing and rewriting it. A lot of it will be searching out and killing those repetitious words and phrases.

I’ve found a website that helps me avoid using repetition so much as I write.: I love this site! I keep it running while I’m writing so I can refer to it often with a click of the mouse. Another resource I’ve found helpful is Pinterest. I search for something like ‘writing a novel’ and tons of information is available to help me be a better writer. I have three one-inch binders full of helpful articles, word lists, name lists, etc. I use constantly.

I organized my binders by using dividers to section off topics such as plot structure, character development, conflict, story structure, layering, and on and on. Great writers seem to enjoy sharing their knowledge with us lesser writers, and I’m glad. I benefit so much from their shared wisdom.

I also save information about publishing, book signings, and marketing. I’m like a sponge when it comes to learning more about my craft. Because I’m a retired English teacher I do okay with grammar, but there’s countless articles to be found for those who aren’t. Grammarly can help, but it isn’t always right.

I have lists of body language and facial expressions I use constantly. I find these imperative to help me express what is going on with my characters. I also have lists of attributes, values, careers, and other things that come in handy.

Thank God for writers willing to share their knowledge, for lists, and for binders.

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