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Talent Management

Every person is born with one or more talents. You may not recognize yours, but it’s there. People need to discover and develop their talents, then apply them. What a shame for a person to go through life without knowing who they are, what gifts God has given them, or what their purpose in life is.

What are the basic principles of talent management?

- We need to be motivated and encouraged to find out what jobs or activities gives us satisfaction.

- We must believe in what we are doing.

- We must be self-reliant and self-disciplined

- God wants us to accomplish our dreams

- The fruit of our future happiness lies unborn in the talents we possess today.

- We should never settle for less than we are worth.

- God can fill us with skill, ability, and knowledge in all fields.

- We must be diligent in the use of our talents

- We cannot afford to be lazy.

- We must put our dreams into action.

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