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Many Faces of Motherhood

Updated: Jan 13, 2022

There are many faces of motherhood.

Working moms are those who work every day, missing moments with their little one. The first tooth-- first laugh--first word---first crawl, walk, run. The sitter teaches her child words, letters, numbers, values. She cringes when her child calls the sitter ‘mama.’

The stay-at-home mom often feels guilty when finances are short or when other moms look at them with disdain, when people make comments about them not working. Often church and community leaders want to use them as volunteers because, after all, they don’t work.

Then there are stepmoms. These moms take on the role of mother to those who have a different mother. Often these moms fight battles they don’t choose with children who resent them and/or the ‘real’ mom who resents them. The ‘in-between’ parent. In-between the biological parents. In-between the biological parent and the child or children. Not allowed to discipline, or not knowing whether she can or should.

Old-school moms who do it like Grandma did. “I don’t care what your friend’s mom says. You live by my rules, not hers.”

Modern moms follow new trends in parenting, read articles/books, watch iPod and YouTube videos to learn the best ways to raise a child. “Well, if all your friends are going, I guess it’s okay.”

Grandmas who raise their grandchildren, adoption moms, and foster moms.

Moms who are adultized children responsible for raising their younger siblings.

Moms who help or raise the neighbor kids or their child’s friends.

Funny moms, serious moms, whacky moms, and no-nonsense moms.

Tattle-tale moms: “I’ll tell your daddy when he gets home!”

Threatening moms: “Don’t make me come over there!”

Math teacher moms: “I’m counting to three.”

Begging moms: “Please stop pouring your Mt. Dew on the floor.”

Buddy moms: “If I spank my child, he won’t like me.”

Make-a-deal moms: “If you’ll be good, I’ll buy you a toy.”

Forgetful moms: “I thought I told you to stop beating up your brother.”

Interrogator moms: “Now why did you do that? Didn’t you know it was wrong? Don’t you know that will ruin your life? What would happen if everyone did that?”

Role-model moms: (Slapping child’s hands) “You know you’re not supposed to hit.”

Story-teller moms: “There once was a little girl about your age who smacked her brother so hard, he had to go to the hospital. She cried and cried until he came home, then she gave him all her toys. She had nothing to play with, and he wouldn’t let her play with his toys. She had to get a job to earn money to buy some new toys. When she made a little money, a guy told her she should invest. She did, and soon she was rich enough to build a toy factory and make her own toys. She became richer and richer, but the hard work made her feel tired and old. She wished she had never hit her brother. So don’t hit your brother.”

There are Facebook moms who make posts to show themselves as wonderful moms when anyone who knows them knows better.

As a teacher, I’ve had students call me ‘Mom.” That was a compliment. Sometimes teachers are the closest thing to a mom some students have.

Emma, a brand-new teacher, found herself repeating instructions for students to sit down and listen. One girl had trouble staying seated and quiet. During recess, Emma talked with the student and was touched when she learned the girl had a hard life at home. She started going to school early to sit at the desk of each student, trying to sense what they feel, what they’re going through, and praying for them. That's more than many moms do.

The Bible doesn’t say a lot specifically about mothers, but we do have examples of Biblical mothers.

Eve, the mother of all, led Adam to partake of the fruit in the Garden of Eden, bringing about a curse on the whole human race.

Sarah is famous for bearing a child in her old age. She also decided to help God fulfill His promise. She set up her husband and her handmaid to bear a child then chased off Hagar and her son when her own son Isaac was born.

Rebekah favored her younger son and deceived her husband to place her favorite in a position of authority over the oldest son.

Rachel and Leah competed for Jacob’s attention and bartered for a night with him with a plant they believed would help them conceive.

Jochebed recognized her son Moses was special and hid him to save him from death. She arranged it so Pharoah's daughter would have her be nursemaid to her own son.

Hannah prayed for a child and then gave him to the service of the Lord at the temple.

Eunice, the mother of Timothy, taught her son about God.

We are admonished to honor our parents, and Proverbs tells us to listen to the teachings of our mother.

David said, “But I have learned to feel safe and satisfied, like a young child in its mother's arms” (Psalm 131-2).

As a mother comforts her child, so will I comfort you; and you will be comforted over Jerusalem (Isaiah 66:13).

Happy Mother’s Day, all you wonderful Mothers.

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