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Christmas Trivia

1. Which Gospels tell of the birth of Christ?

2. What is the meaning of Emmanuel?

3. Who named Jesus?

4. How many wise men were there?

5. Where did the wise men find Jesus?

6. How many angels told the shepherds of Jesus' birth?

7. Who sent out the decree that all should be taxed?

8. Who was king at the time of Jesus' birth? Herod

9. What age group did Herod ordered killed to get rid of Jesus?

10. Which Gospel omits the story of Jesus birth?

11. Who was promised he would not see death until he saw the Lord’s Christ?

12. Where did Jesus grow up and why there?

13. Who is John the Baptist’s mother?

14. How long did Mary stay with Elizabeth before Jesus was born?

15. What was the significance of Mary and Joseph fleeing to Egypt?

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