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Change a life--promote reading

Updated: May 19, 2019

My hero is the mother of Ben Carson. Why? Because she changed the future of her sons by making them read. They were failing at school and making bad decisions, so she assigned them two books a week along with book reports. Their grades rose to the top of the class and their lives were forever changed.

I'm convinced the lives of a lot of children would be changed if they were required to read, especially non-fiction. While children are growing and learning, they need their kn

owledge bands packed with information that will help them build a successful future. If all the time they spend on video games and on phones were used for beneficial activities such as reading, their futures could be different because of the type of knowledge they have acquired.

Recently, I visited a class of first graders to read my books. These students were bright and inquisitive, showing their interest in books and reading. This teacher has purchased all my children's books as well as many others to make books accessible to these kids, and it shows.

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